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Does Trump’s Tweets Distract from His Agenda?

Does Trump’s Tweets Distract from His Agenda?

Goldberg, J. (June 30, 2017). Put Down the Phone, Mr. President. Retrieved from

This article is exploring the agenda of President Trump when he tweets because it states that, “Trump’s tweets distract from his agenda, cause chaos among his staff, and harden attitudes among Democrats and winnable voters.” Each week is a new time for being great in different ways and making sure that everything goes his way because when he signed the travel ban directive, even the Supreme Court backed him up. The article then goes ahead to analyze what Reagan’s tenure was like when he was President and it reveals that he had some convictions in his leadership style that as a genius, he would “make everyone feel as if they had ownership of the presidency and his cause.” Therefore, it is prudent to correctly discern what the President is trying to communicate to the people through his tweets and thus develop an idea of what his opinions are and where he wants to take our country.

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