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Does Trump’s Tweets Mirror His Personality?

Does Trump’s Tweets Mirror His Personality?  

Cillizza, C. (2017, January 6). Why Donald Trump’s ‘ratings machine’ tweets are so very revealing. Retrieved from

In this article, the author, Chris Cillizza. Talks about Donald trump’s tweets regarding machine ratings. He tweeted about the machine ratings of Arnold Schwarzenegger. This spurred a lot of feedback and reactions because of the timing of the tweet. It was on the same day he was set to receive official briefing regarding Russian hacking attacks of the US election system. The writer noted that tweets mirror president trump’s personality, the perception he has towards himself, his presidency and the rest of the world. The tone used and the choice of words are a clear indication that the tweets are sentimental. Ratings are important to president Trump. He uses ratings as a means of his relevance and lets the world know through twitter. The writer notes that President Trump has always been ratings inclined. He expresses this personality in his tweets.


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