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Donald Trump and The Golden Age of Subtweeting

Donald Trump and The Golden Age of Subtweeting

Heffernan, V. (2018, May 4). Donald Trump and The Golden Age of Subtweeting. Retrieved from

The article begins with a powerful introduction which describes twitter as being either crude or spiteful. The author also clearly explains what subtweets are from the very beginning of the discussion making it easy to understand the article. The article explores the encounters of Donald Trump online with subtweeting. The critics of Donald Trump who are not happy with his utterances respond to him with subtweets and use it to rebuke him. The article gives examples of such incidences like when Emmanuel Macron who delivered a speech warning against all the things which Trump campaigned for. The author then clarifies that he did all this without tagging the targeted audience, Donald Trump. The author gives another example of Comey who remained silent as Trump mercilessly dragged him on social media. The author then goes ahead to clarify that subtweets are ineffective referring to them as too sophisticated and too quiet. Just like the author mentioned at the beginning of the article, Americans are very good at issuing subtweets.

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