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Donald Trump And Twitter Ghost Writers

Donald Trump And Twitter Ghost Writers

Reynolds, M. (2018, May 22). Donald Trump Has twitter ghost writers who expertly mimic the voice of a man with brain worms. Retrieved from

The article begins with a reminder of the common knowledge that Donald Trump does not write all of his tweets since he is busy running the country and performing his duties as the President of America. The article also gives very interesting information about Trump having two phones; one for making phone calls and one for tweeting and that he refuses to swap his twitter phone each month as required and instead uses it to continue to insult Americans. However, according to this article, when Trump needs to get some rest, others emerge to continue sending the tweets. The article also shades light into the source of some of the tweets mentioning that if white house staff want the president to tweet on something, a memo which includes three to four sample tweets are sent to the president. He then chooses what he likes best according to the advice he gets from his two advisers.

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