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Donald Trump Argument Regarding Government Shutdown

Donald Trump Argument Regarding Government Shutdown

Langone, A. (January 19, 2018). President Trump Is Against the Government Shutdown. But He Encouraged Them in the Past. Retrieved from

This article explores President Donald trump’s arguments regarding the government shutdown terming it to be “devastating.” Ironically, when shutdowns were being experienced by the Barrack Obama administration, he repeatedly praised them because according to him, they were a legislative tactic as well as being good for the country. Trump was quick to shift blame on the Democrats with regards to the shutdown as they would have done little about it and this was expressed through a tweet, “A government shutdown will be devastating to our military...something the Dems care very little about!” During the Obama administration, the Republicans led the shutdowns and he supported them with different arguments because in 2013, he tweeted “@RNC leadership should not be afraid of a government shutdown. They should be afraid of not defunding ObamaCare.” In a turn of events, he seems to be defending his administration from government shutdown, but in the previous years, he’s been vocal about Obama taking responsibility of the shutdown.

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