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Donald Trump Has A Specific Social Media Voice That He Uses To Generate Engagement On Twitter

Donald Trump has a specific social media voice that he uses to generate engagement on Twitter

Barria, C. (2017, July 22). Trump loses Saturday morning cool, fires off multiple tweets in long rant. Retrieved from

In this article, Barria details a particular incident in 2017 when Donald Trump posted a series of tweets ranting about different controversial topics. Although Donald Trump seemed to have reduced his tweeting activity, especially during weekdays, since he became president, he often spent a considerable amount of time on Twitter during weekends. On a particular Saturday morning on July 2017, the president spent two hours on the social media platform sending a series of angry tweets, which touched on various issues including politics. By analyzing various tweets sent on that morning, it becomes apparent that Donald Trump can tweet just about anything that crosses his mind. This article is important because it provides a researcher with the opportunity to scrutinize the tweeting style of Donald Trump. Besides, it allows one to compare the effectiveness of different variables, such as tone and language, in generating high user engagement rates with tweets.  

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