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Donald Trump Impeached for The Second Time

Donald Trump Impeached for The Second Time  

Mascaro, Lisa, Mary C. Jalonick, Jonathan Lemire, and Alan Fram. "Trump Impeached After Capitol Riot in Historic Second Charge." AP NEWS. Last modified January 14, 2021.

Donald Trump was impeached for the second time by the U.S House. He is charged with incitement of insurrection after a mob siege of the Capitol during his final days in office. The house voted 232-197 to impeach Donald Trump. During the voting to impeach the president, 10 Republicans joined the Democrats. The democrat’s said that Donald Trump needs to be held accountable. They feel that the congress should not leave him unchecked, and this ought to be done before January 20th 2021. Now, Donald Trump is the only president ever to be impeached twice by the House. Donald Trump condemned the attack of the Capitol and appealed to his followers to refrain from further violence and not to disrupt the inauguration. The senate is yet to start an impeachment trial. It is not yet clear how this will turn out.  

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