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Donald Trump Loves Exclamation Marks!

Donald Trump Loves Exclamation Marks!


Cowell, P. (2017, March 2). What overusing exclamation marks says about you. BBC. Retrieved from  

The author of the article identifies Donald Trump as a popular user of the exclamation mark and looks into what the addiction really implies. Philip Cowell is straight forward about his opinion on the subject and he exposes the readers to it at the very beginning. The articles introduction is that there is one rule on using exclamation marks; do not use it, and if you must, then use it rarely. He takes note that Donald Trump does not use the exclamation mark sparingly and states that he uses it more frequently than executive orders. He further provides elaborations for the statement so that the readers are not left guessing whether or not the accusations are false. In 2016, @realDonaldTrump posted 2,251 tweets with exclamation marks. Out of 100 tweets, 68 of the tweets sent by the President have an exclamation mark. And the ultimate question, is the exclamation mark being politicized?

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