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Donald Trump On Twitter And In Office

Donald Trump On Twitter And In Office

Page, S. (January 18, 2018). A consequential president: Trump's tweets have overshadowed the impact of his policies at one-year in. Retrieved from

This article addresses the underlying issue of President Trump tweeting during his first year in office which has overshadowed some of the good things in his administration. “In the 12 months since his inauguration, the headlines from Donald Trump’s presidency have been dominated by disruption: provocative tweets, derisive language and epic feuds.” It is with no doubt that controversies have arose from his public engagement as his behavior has been questioned by many individuals, however, some have not been on the ore front of criticizing him. However, looking at the positive side, his impact has greatly been applauded starting with taxes and regulations in the American institutions. For instance, The Tax Bill which he signed in December 2017, “was the biggest tax cut enacted in three decades.” The article also explores and analyzes how the Americans’ faith in institutions had gone down and it was further encouraged into a continued slide after continuous attacks by President Trump. For instance, the firing of FBI Director, James Comey, repeated attacks on the news media, judiciary and Justice Department has lowered the American’s confidence in them.

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