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Donald Trump Say's He Tried to Stop Rioters

Donald Trump Say's He Tried to Stop Rioters

Tasker J.P. (2019, Jul 18). EU president takes shot at Trump’s ‘unacceptable’ tweets after Trudeau meeting. CBC:

In his visit to Canada, Donald Tusk strongly criticized the recent hateful conduct of from the Donald Trump. Dusk is among other leaders who have stated that such statements should not be allowed in the modern society. The author of this article further quotes the president of the European Council who said that while his statements may affect the US-EU trade relations, he is not afraid to comment on what he termed backward action from the president of the united states of America. Donald Trump was criticized for having encouraged the crowds which were chanting “sent her back” during his rally in North Carolina. These chants came after Trump accused Minessota’s Representative Ilhan Omar of being an Al-Qaeda sympathizer. Ilhan is a Somali-born US citizen. However, in a press conference later on, Donald Trump distanced himself from the allegations by indicating that he tried to stop the crowds. Evidence from the video clips indicates that Trump remained quiet for some time leaving the crowds to chant.  

Good Karma for those who comment...