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Donald Trump Tweets On Electoral College

Donald Trump Tweets On Electoral College

Cummings, W. (November 9, 2016). Trump called Electoral College a ‘disaster’ in 2012 tweet. Retrieved from

This article clearly explores the events that happened after the 2016 Presidential voting because this article was written a day after American citizens had voted for their President and were waiting for the results. As it was, Hillary Clinton maintained a small margin as she led, but later on things did not go well for her as Donald Trump won thanks to the Electoral College. “Hillary Clinton continues to hold a slim lead in the popular vote over Donald Trump, but he is the president-elect because of his decisive lead in the winner-take-all Electoral College.” That must have been a surprise for everyone as it was not expected, but after carefully analyzing Donald Trump’s tweets from 2012, it was discovered that he did not like the Electoral College,” The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.” At this point, he was not happy with President Obama’s win of both the popular vote and Electoral College.

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