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Donald Trump Tweets On International Relations

Donald Trump Tweets On International Relations

Levitz, E. (2018, March 21). Donald Trump has never been more dangerous than he is now. Retrieved from

In this article, Levitz explains four main reasons why he feels that Donald Trump is more dangerous, especially now that he is the president. The author claims that Trump’s insistence to act on his own accord, without bothering to consult his advisers, or refusing to heed to their advice on various matters of national interest, shows that he could make an unprecedented blunder that can potentially hurt the interests of the country. For instance, the president decided to have a face-to-face meeting with North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, even though the two leaders have had unpleasant fiery battles on Twitter. Levitz notes that such a move is likely to edge America closer to war with North Korea. Moreover, the president has developed a tendency to fire off his top security advisers even without a justifiable cause. For example, in one of his tweets, the president suggested that McCabe had been fired because of his associations with the former FBI Director, James Comey. Such actions could potentially undermine the democracy of the nation if unchecked.  

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