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Donald Trump Twitter Account had Different Types of Followers

Donald Trump Twitter Account had Different Types of Followers

Mosendz, P. (2017, April 10). The Seven Types of People Who Tweet at Trump. Retrieved from

In this article, Mosendz details the seven types of users who are constantly engaging with Donald Trump on Twitter. According to the author, the account of high profile users such as Donald Trump tends to attract significant attention from all kinds of users. A close analysis of Trump’s Twitter account reveals that among his most-engaged followers on the platform are automated bots, which are programmed to post pro-Trump tweets. Other types of users that mostly interact with Donald Trump are namely, the loyalists, haters, comedians, activists, ragers, and dormant account holders. The author provides an in-depth analysis of these seven types of people including their primary motivation to interact with Donald Trump. This article provides valuable information regarding the influence of Donald Trump’s tone and sentiment on the engagement levels of his actual followers. For instance, some users follow Donald Trump simply because of his angry tweets and negative sentiment, which resonates with their attitudes.

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