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Donald Trump Literature Reviews

Donald Trump Use of Twitter to Initiate Discussion with Followers

Leaders Such as Donald Trump Use Twitter to Initiate Discussion with Their Followers

Ohlheiser, A. (2018, July 23). The 3 loopholes that keep Trump’s tweets on Twitter. Retrieved from

The author expresses concerns from Donald Trump's foes about how he addresses national security matters that have been there for some time now. A good number of people believe that Donald Trump's use of Twitter violates its terms since he sends threatening messages from time to time. For instance, Trump has tweeted in response to Iran and North Korea, "let them know that the United States has more military capability and they should watch their moves." President Trump, in his tweets, mentions he has a bigger nuclear button, and it works. Looking at the tweet image shared, there I so much engagement with over 300,000 likes and comments from followers. Trump's tweet expresses his distaste for the two rival countries and is full of anger. Despite a huge number of Twitter followers calling for the closure of his account, Twitter rules have a loophole for government and military entities giving Trump's account protection. In response to the continued call for closure of Trump's account, Twitter stated that the platform is dedicated to advancing global public conversation, and world leaders, Trump being one, plays a significant role due to their sizeable impact on society. Twitter claimed they could not hide information that people are supposed to access and debate on.  



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