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Donald Trump's 11 Best Tweets

Donald Trump's 11 Best Tweets

Meyer, K. (2016, November 14). Donald Trump's 11 best tweets (and 7,000 Losers). Retrieved from

In this article, the author reviews 11 best tweets sent by Donald Trump on Twitter. Indeed, Trump’s affection for Twitter knows no bounds. He can tweet just about anything that crosses his mind. On a typical day on Twitter, Donald Trump is either involved in a fiery online feud, inventing conspiracy theories, or reigniting old debates. In fact, Trump seems to have mastered the art of controlling Twitter and evoking different reactions from his support base and detractors. A glimpse of his Twitter feed is enough to make one realize that Trump thrives on attention, and he knows how best to get it on the social media platform. Meyer reports that Trump has a tendency to brag about his Twitter posts being the best in the entire country. Such a comment suggests that perhaps Trump excessive tweeting behavior is inspired by his assumption that Twitter is some kind of an online competition.

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