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Donald Trump's Choice of Words in His Tweets Influenced Follower Engagement Rates

Donald Trump's Choice of Words in His Tweets Influenced Follower Engagement Rates

Roach, L., & Bonato, A. (2018, July 29). The math behind Trump's tweets. Retrieved from

The authors note that President Trump has a preoccupation with Twitter given his time on the platform from 2009. He has amassed 53.2 million followers and has tweeted over 38,000 times during and after the 2016 elections. They also state that Trump has been using Twitter as a vehicle for his political announcements on national matters, including immigration, travel ban, and transgender military recruits. Due to Trump's tweets' high volume and relevance, the authors analyzed the web interactions he formed through his most frequently used keywords. The mathematical analysis covered four years from 2015 to 2018. In 2015, the most used words were Trump and @realDonaldTrump. According to the authors, the major reason the words came up was that he was campaigning for Republican primaries. The tweets shared included compliments he made about himself and those made about him.  In 2016, the keywords were Clinton, crooked, fbi, emails, draintheswamp, and his famous slogan, make America great again. The network reflects the tough race between him and the Democratic party nominee Hillary Clinton. In 2017, keywords such as fake, bad, news, CNN, media, crooked, Hillary Clinton, Russia, North Korea, china, Obamacare, and FBI among others, were still common in his tweets. He addressed national healthcare issue, the economy, jobs, reform, tax, cut, and also foreign policy. In 2018, he addressed matters such as border, immigration, media channels, fake news, FoxNews, and republicans, among others. He also tweeted severally about tax, cuts, and jobs. The mathematical analysis by the article expresses the topics Donald Trump loves sharing, which sparked huge debates across the nation.      



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