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Donald Trump's Has A Unique Tweeting Style

Donald Trump's Posts Can Be Identified By Analyzing His Tweeting Style

Jackson, J. (2016, August 10). Donald Trump 'writes angrier and more negative Twitter posts himself'. Retrieved from

In this article piece, Jackson notes that it is possible to differentiate tweets posted by Donald Trump and those posted by his staff members. The 2016 U.S. presidential campaigns were probably the time where Trump’s tweeting activity was at the peak. According to the author, it was easy to identify the instances when Donald Trump posted on Twitter by himself by just analyzing the tone and the social lingo of the tweets. Notably, Trump was accustomed to posting tweets with an angry tone and negative sentiments, while his staffers were responsible for the calmer tweets. For instance, Donald Trump’s language tones were mainly analytical and rich with adjectives such as “weak”, “crazy” and “badly” and other words related to emotions of fear, anger, and disgust. This article piece is substantially useful and vital for understanding the relationship between tone and sentiment. Moreover, it helps a researcher to realize how the sentiment and tone of a tweet can affect the overall user engagement with a tweet.

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