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Donald Trump's Leadership Under Threat

Donald Trump's Leadership Under Threat

Todd, C., Murray, M., & Dann, C. (2017, August 21). New polls show Trump's presidency stands on perilous ground. Retrieved from

This article gives a detailed explanation of why Trump’s presidency appeared to rest on a shaky ground. Arguably, the controversies surrounding Donald Trump before and after he became the president of the United States are countless. In fact, the president is better known for inventing controversies and fights even in situations where none exists. The authors report that a poll conducted in August 2017 revealed that the approval rates of Donald Trump had declined sharply. This shows that most Americans were not satisfied with their president’s conduct, especially in running the affairs of the country. Additionally, most people felt that the president’s conduct on Twitter, as well as, his manner of speaking in the public, embarrassed all Americans. However, Trump was lauded for strengthening the economy of the country. This article provides a valuable insight into what most Americans feel about the president’s performance in office as well as his behavior in the public.

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