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Donald Trump's Net Worth Publicity (1988-2011)

Donald Trump's Net Worth Publicity (1988-2011)

Reeve, E. (April 21, 2011). A History of Donald Trump's Net Worth Publicity (1988-2011). Retrieved from

This article is addressing the issue of Donald Trump’s wealth since 1988 as it states that, “March 1988: The New York Times says Trump is worth $3 billion when he buys the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan for $390 million.” Forbes’ magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, The Apprentice, and Politico all have different information about his wealth. The tone used by the author is direct as he demystifies the different guesses that publications have about Trump’s wealth. Since 1988, there hasn’t been an exact figure to quantify the exact amount that he has; ranging from $150 million to $7 billion. It is a bone of contention because at the time, he was to consider running for a political office, then he would be required to file for the financial disclosure documents. In “April 2011: If and when Donald Trump announces his decision to run for the office of the presidency, he will be filing financial disclosure statements that will show his net worth is in excess of $7 billion with more than $250 million of cash, and very little debt.”

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