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Donald Trump's Old Tweets Don’t Agree with Current Ones?

Donald Trump's Old Tweets Don’t Agree with Current Ones?

Sarlin, B. & Petulla, S. (June 9, 2017). How Donald Trump's Old Tweets Haunt Him Today. Retrieved from

This article explores how Donald trump sent out tweets in his past that come to haunt him in the present day during his presidency. The tweets are archived in a searchable database of more than 35,000 tweets and it is the statements embedded in him that start tormenting him. As a politician, one should not be a hypocrite as it implies that they have committed a sin and through Trump’s tweets, there is a pattern that can be analyzed to understand him sentiment. Due to his continues bias on the media through him calling it “fake news,” an material that comes out as anti-Trump or from Trump himself could either be disregarded to be fake or “he’s a liar, forgetful, or even if he’s doing the wrong thing” respectively. When one reads Trump’s old tweets, they can help understand who he really is as an individual person because they contain so much information that reveals his true nature.

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