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Donald Trump's Tweets on Republican and Democrat Law Makers

Donald Trump's Tweets on Republican and Democrat Law Makers

Aldhous, P. (January 23, 2018). All The President’s Tweets – And Every Lawmaker’s Too. Retrieved from

This article explores and analyzes “all the tweets written by President Trump and every member of Congress during his first year in office.” Each morning, the American people wake up to new tweets from President Trump and the thoughts are unfiltered thus making people eager to examine his sentiments as a leader as well as a citizen. The White House’s agenda has been drive through twitter by President Trump as well as the Congress whereby in total, the number of tweets exceeds half a million mark since Trump’s inauguration. The tweets from Trump enraged the Democrats during his first year in office and this made them to respond vigorously whereas Republicans did not have a say in it. “His tweets enraged Democrats, who responded vigorously, while Republicans often tried to look the other way.” Trump likes @foxandfriends because when on air, it is the time he took his thoughts on Twitter and when Democrats responded, their emotions were negative.

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