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Donald Trump's Unique Communication Style on Twitter

Donald Trump's Unique Communication Style on Twitter

The Week. (January 19, 2018). All the President’s Tweets: Donald Trump, one year on. Retrieved from

This articles analyzes the unique communication style being used by President Donald Trump in connecting with the American people as well as his followers. “Donald Trump’s unique communication style has earned him many friends - and possibly just as many enemies - during his first year in office.” He uses social media voice to share his unfiltered messages on a daily basis and there are those who like it while others feel offended. For the past year in office, Trump has used Twitter as a communication tool, however, it has included, insults that have been directed at his political enemies. “His output includes insults, US policy ideas, retweeted anti-Muslim videos, and even veers into the ridiculous at times - including tweeting the non-word “covfefe”.” With almost 47 million followers, Trump receives an audience through which his leadership style can be appreciated or mocked depending on what he tweets, especially, when it starts from as early as 3 a.m. in the morning.

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