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Donald Trump's Use of Twitter Contributed to His Popularity

Donald Trump's Use of Twitter Contributed to His Popularity as a Political and World Leader Persona

The Data Team. (2017, November 10). Donald Trump is crushing it on Twitter. Retrieved from

In this article piece, the authors indicated that Donald Trump's popularity on Twitter increased by a whopping 225% in less than 12 months. According to the authors, even though Trump's job performance as the president is poor, his performance on Twitter has been indisputably impressive. In less than a year, Donald Trump's Twitter account has received a boost in its overall number of followers, surpassing those of his political opponents such as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the New York Times. Boasting nearly 42.4 million followers in the late half of 2017, Trump became the 21st most followed celebrity on Twitter. In contrast, the president's approval rating during the first nine months into his term was 37%. This article is useful because it illustrates Donald Trump's success on Twitter. By understanding the tactics used by the leader, social brands can discover creative ways to increase their online presence on Twitter.

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