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Donald Trump’s Use of Twitter to Share News, Opinions and Ideas on Different Topics of Interest

Donald Trump Uses His Twitter Account to Share News,Opinions and Ideas on Different Topics of Interest

Colby, E. (2018, August 1). Trump tweets: End Mueller probe, collusion not a crime, more. Retrieved from

The author has selected the most noteworthy tweets from President Trump’s account since he became president. The author mentions that Trump uses his Twitter account as a means of breaking news, settling feuds with critics, and conducting diplomacy. Among the noteworthy tweets include topics on the witch hunt, fake news media, collusion, and threats to Iran. The president sent quite a number of tweets addressing the issue of Russia alleged interference with the U.S elections. Also, he came out strongly against media channels calling them fake news media and stated that they are in business because of him, and once he is out of office the media will be gone. He has great trust in himself and does not allow anyone to intimidate him. Another notable tweet is the all-caps tweet directed to Iranian president Rouhani. In one of his tweets, Trump mentioned that he used caps because he wants people to pay attention to certain points. However, caps show someone is using an angry tone and shouting.  

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