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El Paso and Dayton Shootings

El Paso and Dayton Shootings

Rupar, A. (2019, August 5). Trump suggests El Paso and Dayton shooting response should include hardline immigration reform. Vox.  paso-dayton-mass-shootings-response

According to Rupar, tweets from President Trump showed that his response to the mass shootings drew from the same playbook he has used in previous cases where he had proposed legislation that does not address the root causes of gun violence, and trying to shift blame. He proposed that in response to the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Congress should consider tying background check legislation to unrelated legislation to limit legal immigration.

In another tweet the president tried to pin blame on the media, going as far as to tweet that “These terrible problems will only get worse” unless news coverage starts “being fair,” Outwardly suggesting that mass shootings will continue unless the media covers him more positively.

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