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Election Day 2016

Election Day 2016

Philips, K. (2016, November 8). Live Blog: Election Day 2016.Retrieved from 2016 Election Blog

This is a blog updated by Kelly Philips on the eve of elections, 2016. She begins by welcoming the audience to the live coverage of the elections, and assures them of updating new developments all through the day thus boosting the confidence of the audience in her news. The author does not only provide the news but goes the extra mile of educating the audience to ensure that they understand the news and find it useful. She mentions that what is required to win the election is 270 Electoral College votes, and this what Trump got allowing him to win against his opponent Hillary Clinton. The blog provides a summary of all the votes cast in all the states with Clinton winning on popularity but losing the presidency. There were also predictions that no matter the outcome of the election, it would be contested, but surprisingly, Hillary Clinton conceded to defeat quite early.

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