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Electorates Use Social Media as Alternative Sources of News

Electorates Use Social Media as Alternative Sources of News

Enli, G. (2017). Twitter as arena for the authentic outsider: exploring the social media campaigns of Trump and Clinton in the 2016 US presidential election. European journal of communication, 32(1), 50-61.

According to Enji, during the 2016 presidential election campaigns, social media platforms were used by Americans as alternative sources of news to the editorial media. Since some candidates have millions of followers on social media platforms like Twitter has turned out to be a people choice for mass communication. Twitter has been identified as Trump’s favorite communication medium. Usually, editorial media critiques political candidates, but social media has given the political candidates a platform to critique the editorial media as well. According to Enji, Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategy confirmed the theory about professionalism of election campaigns whereas Trump’s strategy depicted more amateurish but authentic style. The author states that social media has changed the traditional campaigns norms and has de-professionalized political discourses. Trump’s communication style that may seem unprofessional and amateurish in the political arena tended to be what was just needed to get peoples support.

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