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Engagement On Twitter Is Built On Viral Topics

Engagement On Twitter Is Built On Viral Topics

Twitter Inc. (2010, December 8). To trend or not to trend... Retrieved from

In this blog post, Twitter Inc. explains the approaches it uses to measure trends on the topic. According to the company, there have been numerous questions surrounding the Trends feature since its implementation in 2008. Many users could not understand why various discussions from popular accounts did not appear in the list of top trends on the social network. In order to satisfy the curiosity of its users, the company decided to detail what made a given post to trend on Twitter. According to Twitter’s staff, trends refer to the topics that tend to generate high user engagement rates in real time. Therefore, when the volume of tweets about an emerging topic on Twitter suddenly increases steadily as opposed to the usual conversation baseline on an average day, then the given topic is considered to be trending. However, although some topics may be popular on Twitter, they may not necessarily be trending. This article is very useful because it provides valuable insights into how user engagement with a tweet may cause a post to trend.

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