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Fact Check: Trump Never had an Account on Parler Platform

Fact Check: Trump Never had an Account on Parler Platform

Staff, R. (2021, January 7). Fact check: Screenshot does not show President Trump’s official parler account. U.S.

According to this article, Facebook Users shared a screenshot showing Donald Trump posting on Parler. The authors states that “this is false” the post was from a fans account and that Trump never had an official account on Parler.  The post said “Since #twitter and #fakebook have taken down my speech, here it is!! Share widely !!!!” with hashtags such as “stop the steal” and “stop the censorship.” The post which was shared under President Trump Tweets profile, did not come from Donald Trump, this was a fans account. The Parler account was verified, but it didn’t mean that the influencer badge was given because it was Trump’s, Parler states that the badge protects the user’s authenticity and proves their authenticity which only confirms the owner of the account is a real person. The screenshot emerged after Twitter and Facebook locked Trump from their platform. The author concludes that the claim that Trump ran to Parler as an alternative for Facebook and Twitter is false that Trump had not created an official account on Parler.

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