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Factors That Influence the Average Engagement Rate

Factors That Influence the Average Engagement Rate

Parsons, J. (2017, September 14). What's considered a good engagement rate for tweets? Retrieved from

This article discusses some of the elements that constitute a good engagement rate. According to Parsons, the number of followers on a user’s Twitter account does not significantly increase the engagement rate associated with that account. To illustrate this point, the author calculated the engagement rates of the top three most followed accounts on Twitter in 2017, namely, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Barack Obama. It was found that Obama’s tweets generated a much higher engagement rate as opposed to those of his counterparts, despite having relatively smaller number of followers. Indeed, several assorted factors influence the average engagement rate of a user, namely, online activity, the use of imagery and graphics, and the level of a leader’s interaction with followers. For instance, the more active a person is on the platform, the more likely he/she can interact with the followers and their contents. This article provides important strategies that allow social media leaders to boost their overall engagement rates on Twitter.  

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