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Fake Bot Accounts Increased the Authenticity in The Number of Donald Trump Followers

Twitter On a Mission to Delete All Fake Accounts

Stewart, E. (2018, July 7). Trump (sort of) tells the New York Times: Delete your account. Retrieved from

In 2018, Twitter was on a mission to delete all fake accounts. The author notes that President Trump was ready to help with the process and suggested two accounts be deleted, i.e., the New York Times and the Washington Post. This was due to his interactions with the media channels since he was elected as they pushed the news on Russia's involvement in the U.S 2016 elections. However, Twitter was only after fake bot accounts, not "Fake News Media," in Trump's words. As the author notes, the funny thing is that the fake bot accounts deleted by Twitter were believed to have interacted with Trump's account sharing about half a million times tweets. The author notes that Trump's stand against the two news media is due to their coverage of him in a negative manner. His anger towards the news channels is well indicated in his tweets.

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