Creating Your Tone of Voice Is to Understand YourAudience.

What is tone of voice? Tone of voice entails your brandpersonality and values. It is how you communicate with your customers or audience. Although tone and voice are similar it is always important to separate them.You do this because different social media platforms have different audiencesand would require the use of a tone that appeals directly to that audience. Onthe other hand, you should maintain a consistent voice across all social media.Simply, voice refers to your brand’s personality or your communication stylewhereas tone is how you apply the voice. The tone of voice humanizes yourbrand. To perfectly do this, you will need to ensure that you chose the right wordsand sequence. Remember that the social media world judges you by how you say itand not what you say. You tone of voice should be unique. Having a unique toneof voice is important since it helps you better communicate to your audience,which is crucial for success on social media. It ensures that you form a strongbond with your customers and builds trust with them.

How Do You Find Your Tone of Voice on Social Media?

Social media has changed our lives in a great way, how we engage,express our feelings about someone or something, and how we connect with friendsand people all around the world. Social media has made things easier foreveryone to follow, interact, and engage with their favorite brand or company. Halberstadt(2019), states that social media built upon seven functional blocks including,identity, conversations, sharing’s, presence, relationships, reputations, andgroups. So, if you are on social media, you should be participating in any ofthose to make sure your voice is heard. Here are some things that can help you findyour brand’s voice.

Understand Your Audience

You first need to understand your audience because they arean essential part of your brand. Here, you need to understand who is youraudience. You must be aware of the people who are going to buy your product orservice. When you are defining them consider aspects such as gender, age, andanything else that will determine their likelihood to purchase from you. Youalso need to understand what they like and what they dislike, what language dothey prefer most.

There are lots of social media platforms out there, and youwill need to know in which platform are your customers concentrated in. Whenyou know where they shop you can concentrate your campaigns there and they willhave better chances of succeeding. Lastly, you need to know why the audienceyou have chosen would want your product or service. having such understandingis important because you need to come up with customer centric content,addressing exactly what they need.

Understand Your Brand.

The essence of understanding your brand is so that you can beable to define your brand messaging. When you are defining your brand, you needto think of your brand as a person. We stated that tone of voice gives yourbrand a personality. For instance, your brand can be authentic, passionate,friendly, and familiar.

If you want your brand to come out as friendly, ensure it iswarm, outgoing, and cordial. If you want your brand to come out as authentic,it should be direct, honest, trusting, and genuine. With this knowledge, it iseasy to generate content that prompts engagement and interaction with yourtarget audience.

Refine Your Voice Based on Social Media Platform.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok among others are great platforms for marketing but due to their uniqueness,you need to ensure the content you create fits the channel.

You should never post the same exact posts on all socialmedia platforms.

The different platforms demand different types of content,size of content. For instance, Twitter supports 280 characters only whileFacebook can take even much longer content. Also, the audience is unique ineach platform. So, your content should be able to appeal to that audience.

Having done that, you now understand the voice to use andyou can grow your brand following or increase sales. I conducted a study todetermine the factors that affect social media engagement and found that thetype of tone you use will determine whether the target audience engages withyour content or not. You can get a copy of “Twitterism: Raise Your Voice” here.




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