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Forbes Says that Trumps Regular Tweeting Paid Off

Forbes Says that Trumps Regular Tweeting Paid Off After He Reached 20 Million Followers

Salkowitz, R. (2017, January 20). Trump's 20 Million Twitter followers get smaller under the Microscope. Retrieved from

This article explains that although size really matters on Twittter, the followers’ base of some leaders may be smaller than it appears on the social media platform, if a careful analysis was to be done. Reporting for Forbes magazine, Salkowitz notes that Donald Trump finally attained 20 million followers on Twitter, showing that his hard work of regularly tweeting has paid off. In fact, since the US election, Trump has been very active on Twitter since he relies on the social media platform as his primary means of engaging with his followers. Notably, Trump’s popularity seemed to have increased, especially after he was elected president of the US. However, when it comes to twitter, there is more to the bigger picture than it first appears. In Donald Trump’s case, the 20 million followers are not entirely all American. A lot needs to be considered when determining a leader’s follower base on Twitter. For instance, it is not surprising that Trump is also followed by numerous overseas accounts and spam accounts, which should not be reckoned as part of those who voted for him in the 2016 US presidential elections.  


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