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Former Trump Aide Launch New Social Media Platform, Gettr

Former Trump Aide Launch New Social Media Platform, Gettr

Niquette, M. & Jacobs, J. (2021 Jul, 1). Former Trump Aide Starts Social-Media Platform Without Old Boss. Bloomberg:  

According to the authors of this article, Jason Miller, the former senior adviser to Donald Trump has gone ahead to launch a new social media platform. Gettr, as the platform was named is aimed to gain popularity across the United States of America and beyond. The launch of this social media platform came after Donald Trump was banned on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The move was meant to be the beginning of liberalizing the freedom of speech. However, it was also reported that Donald Trump was not a part of the move and neither does he plan to join the platform. Trump’s social media ban came after the violent riots that led to the attack of the US capitol on January 6th. The decision to ban Donald Trump was made after it was believed that the riots involved pro-Trump supporters who were incited by Donald Trump’s social media posts. Therefore, the posts violated the platforms’ terms of use.  

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