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Four Things Donald Trump Is Considering in His Final Days as President

Four Things Donald Trump Is Considering in His Final Days as President

Chaggaris, Steve. "Donald Trump on Election Challenge: ‘Never Bet Against Me’." Breaking News, World News and Video from Al Jazeera | Today's Latest from Al Jazeera. Last modified November 13, 2020.

According to Aljazeera, Donald Trump who is about to be removed from office by Joe Biden, is thinking of more than just contesting the elections in the last four weeks of his presidency. Since election day, Donald Trump has directed all his energy to overturning the results. Besides doing that, Donald Trump has been planning to reward his loyal backers who are likely to be facing legal issues. He is also plotting on increasing pressure on Joe Biden’s son Hunter who has been having legal issues as well. According to Aljazeera article, Donald Trump is planning to get congress to reject the electoral college vote. The December 14 electoral college vote was carried out and after votes would be counted on January 6.  It only required a member of the House along with another member of the Senator to object votes from a state and they would be returned to the respective chambers. That would call for a 2hours debate about the objection. Then a vote would be held and if a majority of the House and Senate vote yes to the objection then the votes would be disqualified.  

Another thing Donald Trump is thinking about according to Aljazeera is special counsels. He is seeking independent and special counsel to help him investigate election irregularities. He is also thinking of pardons. It is projected that he is going to issue a number of pardons in his final days. Other than pardoning a number of people who he worked with, it is projected that Donald Trump is breaking the tradition by considering his pre-emptive pardon. Aljazeera says that Donald Trump could likely get martial law involved so that he can cling to the presidency after losing.  

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