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Frequency and Content of Donald Trump’s Late Night Tweets

Frequency and Content of Donald Trump’s Late Night Tweets

McGill, A. (2016, October 7). What Trump tweets while America sleeps? Retrieved from

The article explains how and why president Donald Trump is fond of tweeting late at night when Americans are asleep only for them to wake up to astonishing tweets from him. The article analyses the frequency and content of Donald Trump’s late night tweets. The author begins by reminding us that Donald Trump himself admitted that he does not sleep much in his book ‘Think like a Billionaire” released in 2004. He says he goes to bed at 1 a.m. and is up by 5 a.m. For the last ten years, Donald Trump’s sleep routine remains the same. Since the beginning of his campaign, he frequently sends late night tweets to rally support and to get back at his enemies. The author further gives examples of this citing the tweets of slams against Megyn Kelly which he sent at 3.53 a.m. and accusations against Ted Cruz at 1.38 a.m. The author also observes that Donald Trump is fond of using twitter late in the night when he has had a stressful day.

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