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Gendered Campaign Tweets

Gendered Campaign Tweets

Lee, J., & Lim, Y. S. (2016). Gendered campaign tweets: the cases of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Public Relations Review, 42(5), 849-855.

Lee and Lim analyzed tweets sent by two US presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The authors say that Clinton as a candidate tried emphasize her masculinity traits and feminine issues more than her feminine traits and masculine issues. On the ither hand, Trump emphasized on masculine issues and played no attention to his traits. Trump tended to use user-generated content as sources of his tweets more, whereas three quarters of Clintons tweets were original content. Also, the study identified that half of Trump’s tweets were retweets of and comments on citizens tweets. Tweets sent by Clinton focused more on opinions about public issues. One out of ten of Trump’s tweets included uncivil wording. Clintons tweets tended to have more graphics, videos, images, and links to other sources. Trump seems to have preferred text content instead.  

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