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German Chancellor's Take on Trump's Remarks Congresswoman Ilham Omar

German Chancellor's Take on Trump's Remarks Congresswoman Ilham Omar

Hassan J. Eptein K. & Taylor A. (2019 Jul 7). Angela Merkel says she rejects Trump’s racist remarks, stands ‘in solidarity’ with Ilhan Omar. The Washington Post:

This article discloses that the German Chancellor Angela Merkel became the latest global leader to openly condemn Donald Trump’s comments on Minnesota’s congresswoman Ilhan Omar. In her statement, Angela said “Without question, I reject [Trump’s comments] and stand in solidarity with the congresswomen he targeted.” Her statement came after people ad take the matter to social media within the US, UK and other parts of the world with a hashtag #IStandWithIlhan. Other politicians within the US and Europe also shared their views on social media stating that the North Carolina incident was a risk to the growing need for diversity. Ilham Omar received massive support from different public figures ranging from politicians to artists among other celebrities. For instance, notable musicians who showed support include Cardi B. The first London Muslim Mayor who indicated that he had previously been in the same circumstances was also among the UK leaders who signed an open letter that expressed support to the congresswoman.  

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