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GETTR Social Media App Hacked on Its Launch Day

GETTR Social Media App Hacked on Its Launch Day

Shalal, A. (2021, July 4). Pro-Trump social media app hacked on launch day as half million sign up. Reuters.

According to the article, the new social media platform, GETTR launched by Trump’s former senior adviser Jason Miller was briefly hacked. The hacker is said to have been able to stay on the app for a very short time, as the incident was discovered and handled in minutes. The only thing the hacker managed wo change were a few usernames. Within its first few days of launching, the app already has 500,000 registered users. GETTR, which is believed to be a Twitter-style platform with posts as well as trending topics sells itself on App stores as a “non-bias social network for people all over the world." Former Trump adviser, Steve Banon posted on GETTR app that it is a Twitter Killer. Miller confirmed that Trump was not on the platform yet and that he was not funding its development as well.

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