Ravi Singh


March 14, 2020

Social Media

Going Viral

Much like an infectious disease, “going viral” is something that happens when media is spread in unprecedented fashion and at high speed. Most people associate “going viral” with videos or images depicting humorous and heartwarming events – a soldier’s surprise homecoming, kittens playing with string, or someone slipping on ice on their way out the door. Unfortunately, there is also a negative side to going viral, and no all attention is harmless.

People go viral daily for things that they cannot control, or things they may be insecure about. You may recall in early 2015 when a man went viral after a stranger posted a video of him dancing at an event. The man looked like he was having the best time until he spotted a person taking photos and making fun of him. That original poster was not only outrageously rude but crushed the spirit of the otherwise happy go lucky fellow. But thanks to the power of social media and “going viral”, a handful of women saw this post and decided they could not stand idly by! They decided to throw him a dance party, so he could dance shame free and without fear of bullying. And who showed up to this party you ask? Oh, just 1,000 of his closest friends.

Good Karma for those who comment...