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Group Devoted to Donald Trump Suspended on Reddit

Group Devoted to Donald Trump Suspended on Reddit

Snider, M. (2020, June 29). Trump’s Twitch channel suspended, and Reddit bans pro-Trump online group. USA TODAY:  
The article talks about Twitch’s decision to suspend Donald Trump’s official channel. At the same time, Reddit also decided to ban a group devoted to Donald Trump. Twitch suspended Donald Trump’s account because he had violated the platform’s terms of service. After its launch in October 2019, Donald Trump’s channel had uploaded various content covering campaign rallies and other related events. However, one of the rebroadcasted videos from a 2016 campaign rally was flagged for violating the platforms regulations. This content has Donald Trump’s comments on the immigrants from Mexico who he referred to as drug dealers, criminals and rapists. In the second video, Donald Trump described of a situation where people’s homes are under attack by a “very tough hombre”. According to twitch this was a “hateful conduct” from Trump. Reddit also banned a subreddit “r/The_Donald” which had more than 790,000 pro-Trump followers for violating the platform’s content policy.  

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