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Hashtags and User Tags Do Not Increase Twitter Engagement

Hashtags and User Tags Do Not Increase Twitter Engagement Compared to Aspects Such as Emojis And Verified Accounts

The Twitter Engagement Report 2018. (n.d.). Retrieved from

This report provides an in-depth analysis of significant amounts of data obtained from over 700 million posts and profile information on Twitter. In particular, it focuses on the level of Twitter engagement in 2018 by exploring the influence of metrics such as social lingo. This article is very useful since it highlights how followers respond to the contents of certain high profile users. Thus, it allows a researcher to compare and contrast tweets that receive the highest engagement levels and those that do not generate any engagement whatsoever. In so doing, it becomes possible to identify powerful techniques that leaders in digital rhetoric to develop their social power. Besides, the report provides useful tips that social leaders can use to increase their engagement with followers. For instance, it indicates that metrics such as hashtags and user tags do not significantly increase Twitter engagement in comparison to aspects such as emojis and verified accounts.  


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