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High User Engagement On Twitter

Increase Of Social Media Users On Twitter Is Attributed To Its Ability To Accommodate More Users

Beaumont, C. (2010, February 23). Twitter users send 50 million tweets per day. Retrieved from

In this article, Beaumont reports about the popularity of Twitter four years after its inception in March 2006. The author notes that even though there was confusion about whether Twitter was a microblogging site or a social media network, one thing was for sure, though: the popularity of the digital platform was steadily increasing. The author notes that the user activity in the site had grown from an average of 5,000 tweets per day in 2007 to 300,000 tweets in 2008, 35 million messages in 2009, and finally 50 million tweets by 2010. Even though the user activity on the site could not be compared to other social media platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, it showed that the level of user engagement on Twitter impressed many people. This article shows that Twitter has enjoyed an exponential growth rate in terms of its user base and engagement since it was founded.  

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