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How Bad is Social Media Censorship?

How Bad is Social Media Censorship?

Spocchia, G. (2021, July 15). Lara Trump likens struggles of Cuban people to Donald Trump being removed from Twitter. The Independent.

In this article Lara Trump is said to have likened Cuban people to Donald Trump being removed from Twitter. According Ms. Trump, taking a sitting president off social media is a slippery slope, and added that it is easy to see how the Cuban people ended up in the situation they are in. Lara told Fox News that Cubans living in the United States told her that what they are currently seeing in America is close to what they had seen in Cuba 60 years ago. This was in reference to Trump’s ban from Twitter. Cubans took to the streets of the capital Havana protesting an economic crisis that was worsened by food and medicine shortages amid the coronavirus. Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel released a statement saying his government understands the issue and will act to avoid a repetition of the crisis and also blamed social media and US influence. However, the White House denied that the US has in anyway fueled the protests. Republican senators Marco Rubio and DeSantis called on the US president Joe Biden to retaliate and pleaded with the international community to support Cubans.  

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