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How Did Trump Spend His First Month in Office?

How Did Trump Spend His First Month in Office?

Philip. bump. (2017, February 21). Analysis | How Trump spent his first month in office, by the numbers. Retrieved from

This article is an analysis of how the US president, Donald trump spent his time during his first month as president. The author, Philip Bump, includes a deep analysis that includes graphs and illustrations to show how the president spent his time. In addition, the author has also included a video of the president playing golf. The article is divided into three main parts based on location and activity: Washington DC, Florida, on twitter and other places. President Trump spent most of his time in Washington DC working according to the published schedule. The writer also acknowledges the president’s use of twitter. He refers to the trump twitter archive that revealed that president trump used a lot of time tweeting. Although his personal phone is a Samsung android device, some tweets from other devices were also clearly composed and sent by him. Most of his tweets were however outside working hours. Total time tweeting was approximately 13 hours.

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