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How Many Times Did Trump Tweet About Rosie O'Donnell?

How Many Times Did Trump Tweet About Rosie O'Donnell?

Kristian, B. (2016, September 21). Trump has tweeted more about Rosie O'Donnell than about his own wife. Retrieved from

In this article, the author, bonnie Kristian, discusses President Donald Trump’s tweets about Rosie O’Donnell. Despite having many people who he is not fond off, President Trump has maintained a constant negative perception towards the comedian and TV host, Rosie. The President has used twitter over the years as a platform to insult and attack the comedian. This article reveals that he has tweeted more times about Rosie than his own wife. These tweets are normally accompanied by different lingo and are quite sentimental in that they carry deep emotion and insults. Since he first insulted Rosie in 2011, president Trump has posted and retweeted 56 tweets about Rosie compared to the 53 times he has posted about his wife. The president has exhibited the use of lingo by using the hashtags and mentions. The author continues to samples different tweet obtained from the trump twitter archive. The author samples the tweets from the two and also additional people he has majorly focused in his tweets and they are quite different in terms of tone and words used.

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