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How Political Candidates Use Twitter During Political Campaigns

How Political Candidates Use Twitter During Presidential Political Campaigns

Enli, G. (2017). Twitter as arena for the authentic outsider: exploring the social media campaigns of Trump and Clinton in the 2016 US presidential election. European Journal of Communication, 32(1), 50-61. Retrieved from

The paper explores the social media campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election campaigns. The paper communicates from the introduction that social media platforms were used more as direct news sources and that they by passed editorial media with twitter being the most popular. The key words used in the paper are; social media, authenticity, Election campaigns, professionalism, and twitter. Once readers understand this terms, it becomes easy to understand and internalise the study. Twitter has become a platform for mass communication and the main online channel for communication with the presidential candidates’ followers. The paper examines the approaches used by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for the presidential campaigns bringing to our attention the similarities and differences. The findings of the study are also well communicated; Hillary Clinton campaigns on twitter were conducted in a professional manner while Trump’s campaign strategy on twitter lacked professionalism and was more amateurish.  

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