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How TikTokers Reacted to Trump's Banning the Platform in the US

How TikTokers Reacted to Trump's Banning the Platform in the US

Molloy, D. (2020, August 4). TikTok: What TikTokers make of Trump's ban threat. BBC News.

This article shares the reaction of Tiktokers to Trump’s threat to ban the app in the US. The authors says that although most TikTok users had fun with the ban threat, a big number was worried to a point that they were trying to send users to other platforms. Isabella Avila, one of TikTok users is reported to have directed her 8 million subscribers to follow her on all other social media, saying she posts more often there. Erinsamjo, another creator with 909,000 followers pointed her followers to Instagram ready for the ban of the app. The author says that some users did recommend other platforms with short video format content like Byte. Some users were skeptical and concluded that he would ban TikTok only on government-issued deices but “As far as us civilians… he's not a dictator." Most were worried because the app was banned completely from India following political tensions between China and India. The authors says that Bryanboycom gave the US users a walkthrough of what a shutdown looks like after TikTok was shut down in Hong Kong after a new security law was introduced.  TikTok was embraced by many users and some say it gave them an opportunity to support their families amid the 2020 pandemic crisis.

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