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How to Measure Engagement on Twitter

How to Measure Engagement on Twitter

Hoffelmeyer, K. (2016, June 12). Measuring engagement on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Retrieved from

This article focuses on measuring engagement on prominent social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. According to the author, there is no absolute definition of the term engagement. Because of this reason, most social media platforms will use their own metrics to calculate the rates of user interactions with other people’s posts. Nonetheless, there are some overlapping similarities in assessing the impressions of the users. For instance, engagement on Twitter connotes the total number of replies, mentions, likes, shares, and retweets divided by the number of impressions generated by a post. In contrast, engagement rates on Facebook are measured by the sum of likes, shares, and comments generated by a post divided by the total number of followers. This source highlights the differences in user engagement across various social media platforms. Moreover, it provides online users with several recommendations to improve their engagement levels., no matter the social media platform they are using.  

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