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How to Run A Successful Tweet Engagement Campaign

How to Run A Successful Tweet Engagement Campaign

Create a tweet engagements campaign. (n.d.). Retrieved from

This article talks about creating tweet engagements campaign on Twitter. Targeting a business audience, it highlights the benefits that entrepreneurs can enjoy when they participate in the proposed initiative. Furthermore, the article provides a step by step tutorial that illustrates how a business entity or a person could create the engagement campaign for their Twitter Ads account. This article is a useful source as it provides invaluable insights about tweet engagement. For instance, it defines the term engagement as the degree of users’ interaction with a tweet. Overall, it is assessed by all the numbers of clicks in a tweet including hashtag clicks, replies, retweets, likes, and poll votes. This source will be helpful to experienced leaders, such as Donald Trump, who would wish to increase their engagement with followers. A successful tweet engagement campaign is expected to boost not only the popularity of the leader, but also his social online presence on Twitter.  

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